Spelt & Rye

Welcome to the home of artisan bread

Welcome to Spelt and Rye. We are a new artisan bakery / deli based in Hucknall.

Our aim is to provide the community with the freshest homemade breads, free from additives and using where possible ingredients that are locally produced. We use traditional techniques that promote flavour and enhance the loaf’s freshness.

The word artisan signifies handmade and that is what our breads are, ensuring the tastiest crust and crumb.


Hi - I’m Philip Roadley, the company’s founder. Although born and bread in Nottingham, I was also lucky enough to live many years in France and developed a love for their food culture, especially bread! Bread is an integral part of French life with most of the population visiting their local artisan baker at least once a day. Now back in Nottingham and loving it, I did miss though my real French baguette and Pain de Campagne. The only solution was to make these myself. Since then, I have developed a real love for bread making. Encouraged by family and friends, I am taking this passion further by proposing my breads also for the local community.


My Dad – My Dad loved making Bread . The wonderful smell of his loaves rising on the fireplace still lights up my taste buds now. My parents came from a generation that appreciated good quality basic food much like the French do today. He has certainly been my benchmark in life.

Lily Jo – My granddaughter. She has spent many times in her high chair watching patiently as I knead the dough. She loves my baking. Indeed one of the first words she learnt was Bread !

France – My home for over 25 years. Besides enjoying the country and the good friends I made, I learnt to love their way of life especially the food! With regards to the quality and range of bread, it was to another level to what was then available in the UK. Happily times have changed and artisan baking is becoming widely appreciated again and I am excited to be involved in this trend.

Isle of Skye Baking Company - Whilst recently on holiday in Scotland, I was lucky enough to visit the Isle of Skye Baking Company. The incredible enthusiasm of it’s owners Barry and Liza Hawthorne really impressed me. Barry took time out to explain how his company started and gave me much advice. In fact he has been one of the main catalysts in opening a bakery myself. All the best for the future Barry and Liza.
>> Visit Isle of Skye Bakery Website

Green’s Windmill Sneinton – Built in 1807, by the father of George Green the world famous mathematical physicist. Later he inherited and operated the mill himself. The mill has a fascinating history and in 1984 was acquired by Nottingham City council and subsequently restored. Today it is home to a science museum, but the mill itself produces superb organic flours, which I use in most of my breads.
>> Visit Green’s Windmill Sneinton Website

Lincoln Green Brewery – The brewery is based in Hucknall my home town. The company was created in 2012 and they produce some fantastic beers. Lincoln Green has really inspired me with what can be achieved locally. I am a great fan of their Marion and Tuck ales – vital ingredients in some of my signature loaves.
>> Visit Lincoln Green Brewery Website

The Sir John Borlase Warren – The Sir John Borlase Warren stands proudly on Canning Circus on is one of Nottinghams famous landmarks. The Pub is the second in a chain being developed by Lincoln Green Brewery. The first being the Robin Hood and Little John at Arnold, who recently won The East Midlands CAMRA Pub Of The Year 2015 award. The Sir John’s choice of Cask Ales, Ciders,Whiskies,Gins and Wines is truly incredible. On top of this they are now offering food and have a wonderful range of meals that include our breads. See Gallery for photos of the Sir John and their food.
>> Visit Sir John Borlase Warren Website

Allergen Content

Our baguettes are made from cereals/flours containing gluten.

Our Bloomer loafs are made from cereals/flours containing gluten.

Bread Rolls
Our bread rolls are made from cereals/flours containing gluten, eggs and milk.

Our Brioches and Brioche rolls are made from cereals/flours containing gluten, eggs and milk.

Our Ciabatta Breads are made from cereals/flours containing gluten.

Our Croissants are made from flours containing gluten, eggs and milk.

Farmhouse Loaf
All our farmhouse loaves are made from cereals/ flours containing gluten.
Our seeded loaf also contains sesame seeds.
Our soft white also contains eggs and milk.

Our Fougasse breads are made from cereals/flours containing gluten.

Fruit loaf
Our fruit loaves are made from cereals/flours containing gluten, eggs, milk and dried fruit which contain sulphur dioxide.

All our Sourdough breads are made from cereals/flours containing gluten.
Our seeded loaves contains sesame seeds.
Our walnut loaf contains nuts.

The Shop

We opened our Hucknall bakery in November 2016.

Located near the town center, we serve only the freshest traditional bread and pastries.

Don't hesitate to pay us a visit and taste our sourdough bread, English loaves, or French baguette & croissants...

We also have a Deli range of mostly local products, and you can order a hot drink & a snack to enjoy on premises, or take away.

Opening Times

Tuesday - Friday : 8am - 5pm
Saturday : 8am - 3pm

Please email us to request further information

contact us-image

contact us

Email: info@speltandrye.co.uk

Phone: 0115 837 6150

Location: 2A Annesley Road
NG15 7AB Hucknall Nottingham



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