Our Bakery

Welcome to Spelt and Rye. We opened our Hucknall artisan bakery / deli in November 2016.

Located near the town center, we serve only the freshest traditional bread and pastries.

Don't hesitate to pay us a visit and taste our sourdough bread, English loaves, or French baguette & croissants...

We also have a Deli range of mostly local products, and you can order a hot drink & a snack to enjoy on premises, or take away.

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Our Specialties


Our traditional British classic, available as tin loaves, bloomers and cobs.

Fruit loaf

A slice of fresh and generous fruit loaf with a cup of tea: a match in heaven!


Sourdough does not require much gluten, in contrast to factory-made bread which often has gluten added. People with gluten intolerance may therefore find sourdough bread more comfortable to eat.

Flavoured Sourdough

Sourdough bread has an incredibly pleasing texture, and is used a base for many "flavoured" recipes (olive sourdough, sesame sourdough, cheese, chocolate and hazelnut...).


Spelt has a lovely mild, sweet and nutty flavour. It's very satisfying, even just sliced with butter. Low in gluten, it is also easier to digest than wheat.

Seeded Rye

A loaf with a distinctive flavour, this dark break is a mix of three flours, rye, wheat and malt, and is packed with whole grains.


The simplest of breads are the most difficult to produce, and the baguette is high on the list of “simple” breads. Our secret: only the best flour from the Grands Moulins de Paris.


The Boule is a traditional French loaf, baked with baguette dough. Cut in thick slices, this is a most heavenly bread...


Pronounced « compayou », with it's very open, brown crumb and thick, slightly cracked and flour dusted crust this is French rustic bread at it's best.


Top quality artisan croissants, with the best ingredients, and completely hand-made. We also bake almond croissants, pain aux raisins and pains au chocolat.

The Baker

Philip Roadley

Hi - I’m Philip Roadley, the company’s founder. Although born and bread in Nottingham, I was also lucky enough to live many years in France and developed a love for their food culture, especially bread! Bread is an integral part of French life with most of the population visiting their local artisan baker at least once a day. Now back in Nottingham and loving it, I did miss though my real French baguette and Pain de Campagne. The only solution was to make these myself. Since then, I have developed a real love for bread making. Encouraged by family and friends, I am taking this passion further by proposing my breads also for the local community.

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Here are some customer reviews from Facebook :

« This place is a gem !!!! After living in France for 10 years myself....this is by far the BEST bakery I have ever had the ultimate pleasure in buying from... And I'm so glad I came across it. Almond croissants are to die for !!! The bread fantastic !!!!! Amazing friendly service. The deli provides a mouth watering excuse for eating glorious food. Can't wait for my next visit to try something new..... Everything on display is teasing me so I think I may just have to try one of everything. This is more than good nourishment for the body...its also food for the soul. I cannot say enough....its Fantastic !!!!!! »


Read more on our Facebook page >>

« Best croissants in town. The only place to get proper French baguettes. »


« I'm over the moon to have a place like this near us. Gorgeous bread and nibbles. »


« Just sampling the Oat and Almond loaf I picked up yesterday from the beer festival at the Poet and Castle. Absolutely delicious. Bread with proper body to it and plenty of flavour. And the brioche bun I had yesterday was wonderful. »



Get in touch

Phone: 0115 837 6150